Art of Africa

Works of art can tell us a lot about the values of a culture, their beliefs and customs.

observational ink drawings of African masks

We can undertand a whole lot more about an object when we are given the opportunity to look at it closely. Observational drawing is always a successful activity in achieving this goal of deeper understanding. When we draw from life, are brains work at seeing with a different perspective. We begin to notice things that we were not aware of before. Taking our time, and maintaining our curiosity, we begin to understand what it means to truly “see”.

After learning more about the lines, shapes and composition of these African masks, students assembled their own personal masks using recycled objects that offered them interesting shapes and textures.

They first went “shopping” and explored different assemblages that held facial characteristics, then made it complete over a cardboard base.

Neutral colored tones were mixed and used to embellish the surface of their masks. Raffia and burlap were optionally added for additional texture.

Artfully Yours,

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