Taking care of FUTURE YOU

“To take care of you, you must take care of future you.”  These words were shared with me by a fellow Boss Babe, Pia Fleischmann Park. I have been fortunate to enter my studio and find an encouraging note on my desk from Pia many a time. This small act brings oodles of joy and energyContinue reading “Taking care of FUTURE YOU”

YOU GOT THIS: 3 Habits Any Teacher Can Embrace to Build SELF-EFFICACY in Children

Think about a time when you saw someone complete a task that made such a beautiful or jaw-dropping product, like witnessing a caricature artist at a street fair or a magician pulling off a mind-bending stunt. Would you offer your services and step in to create the next portrait or perform the following stunt? MostContinue reading “YOU GOT THIS: 3 Habits Any Teacher Can Embrace to Build SELF-EFFICACY in Children”

“Tell Me More!”: Talking to Children About Their Art

This juicy text has been re-posted from sunporchstudio and is updated and enhanced for Art Engine. Enjoy!  For young children, art making is a primary means of expression. It is how they are able to share stories and it is how they reflect on their experiences to better understand their world. As a parent and teacher, it isContinue reading ““Tell Me More!”: Talking to Children About Their Art”

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

Have you ever given mirrors to young children? Do this and observe without judgment. What you will notice is one of the purest forms of first hand, primary source research. You will witness curious faces test an array of poses. The mirror wants to play and so the children feel free to play too. Eyes widen and squint, lipsContinue reading “The Mirror Doesn’t Lie”

Celebrate Mindset in your Work Space

Hello There! Consider how simple mantras inspire us everyday to open our eyes, ears and mind to the new adventures ahead. We grow when we feel supported and are celebrated for our work habits rather than the end product we produce. Say Goodbye to “Great Job” and “Super Work” and Hello to a celebration of risk taking, mindfulness and the useContinue reading “Celebrate Mindset in your Work Space”