Fuel Station

Have you ever thought about how powerful words can be? A minor change in terms can alter the meaning of a phrase and a simple compliment can brighten our day. Furthermore, we place a personal spin on what we witness and hear every second of everyday. This is called projection and it can boost or destroy our reality. I believe in the power of a positive mindset that stops us from making up stories that are not based on fact. I strive to embrace my struggles as opportunities to grow, instead of using them as excuses for giving up. I try, REALLY TRY to talk nice to myself when I get stuck. This is my goal because I absolutely dislike when I feel incapable or small. Do you jive my jive? 

Our speech influences our thoughts; our thoughts influence our mind and our mind can make us or break us.


If we listen to encouraging phrases that help navigate us through our struggles, and we are taught to value the process just as much as the pretty finished product, we will build resilience and a super set of skills for future challenges.

So where do we begin?

Let’s play with our struggles. Like talk to them as if they were working alongside us as a partner in creation. This brings humor into the situation at hand, and humor does wonders for our ability to open up and observe.

Let’s play with our struggles by talking about them and naming them. Let’s advertise our experiences, our challenges and accomplishments with wearables. I’m talking about stickers and buttons and posters. Let’s bring our thoughts out of our mind and into the public for us to share and discuss and empathize with.

ArtEngine has been working on making this idea a reality. View some images of our merchandise below. Visit our ArtEngine Etsy Shop to purchase.

Above from left to right: A 1.5 inch pin backed wearable conversation starter “ask me about my Growth Mindset”. “This is How I Roll” 1.5 inch circular stickers can be worn or placed on art. The magic of wonder is celebrated with a 11×17 inch digital print of an original painting my by yours truly.

Above from left to right: Perfection was so last season. Let’s focus on our personal best with this 11×17 inch digital print of a painted watercolor. “Stickers for Perseverance are 1.5 inch wearable mantras to celebrate resilience.


Above from left to right: Albert was a visionary; he totally understood the value of getting messy in the process and inspired this 11×15 inch poster.This 11×11 inch bossy poster needs no explanation. Sometimes we must quiet our controlling mind and just trust our hands; and we need this 11×17 inch poster to remind us when our mind wanders.

Introduce these posters, stickers and pins to your students and colleagues.
You may want to begin by first asking your students or colleagues:

“How do you wish to feel when you are messy in a process?”
“How do you wish to feel once your goal has been met?”

The responses will offer you an idea of what is valued by your peers. Knowing this will help you transition into a second discussion about the specific work habits and skills needed to work with our values at the center.

Whenever you witness a student or colleague commit an act of courage, resilience, or positive talk, SPEAK IT OUT LOUD. Share what you notice; affirm the act and celebrate by offering a sticker or button. There are are many more buttons, stickers and posters at our ArtEngine Etsy shop. Take a peek. They will make work time enjoyable.

The more we use these terms with our students and colleagues, the more they will become a natural part of our everyday speech. We will witness “nice work” disappear, as it is no longer valid. We will adopt and welcome the meaningful phrases that get to the heart of what it is that we really are wishing to celebrate and value in our workspace.

I am a collaborator at heart. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section or email me, MJ at sunporchartstudio@gmail.com. If you are interested in using phrases, posters and stickers in your workspace but don’t know how to begin, I would love to help you.
I can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a day full of adventures,
xo MJ