#FACEYOURSELF @Peconic Community School

I was fortunate to set up #faceyourself, the programmable portrait machine, at Peconic Community School this past weekend. They hosted a Maker Fair and my 9 year-old daughter was entertained for a continuous four hour period. On her own, she constructed life-size cardboard sculptures, made glow-in-the-dark slime, played in a black light room, bought a turkey and cheeseContinue reading “#FACEYOURSELF @Peconic Community School”

Understanding Symmetry with Rangoli

Happy Diwali Everyone! Nature can inspire assemblages that teach symmetry, design and promote cultural awareness. Rangoli is made during Diwali, the festival of lights, with colored sands and glitter. In the art studio recently, we used nature. The leaf colors this time of year are divine! A strong art historical connection can be found inContinue reading “Understanding Symmetry with Rangoli”

Art of Africa

Works of art can tell us a lot about the values of a culture, their beliefs and customs. observational ink drawings of African masks We can undertand a whole lot more about an object when we are given the opportunity to look at it closely. Observational drawing is always a successful activity in achieving thisContinue reading “Art of Africa”

Joseph Cornell Inspired Assemblage

An assemblage is a work of art that is three-dimensional and is made up of found objects. It’s cousin the collage is primarily flat (2-dimensional) and made up of various torn or cut paper scraps. When you begin to add textured fabric or bottle caps and buttons to your collage, you may want to spiceContinue reading “Joseph Cornell Inspired Assemblage”