Greetings Art Lovers: educators, parents, child-care providers and all creative types. This blog is dedicated to all that is SUCCESSFUL in Art Education. Art Engine is an archive of art activities for children for you to use! Share, tweak and be inspired for future art teaching, and please share your discoveries with us. Art Engine is interested in building a professional network of creative and process centered art teachers to function as a well-rounded archive.  If you wish to be a contributor to Art Engine, scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more.

How to use this blog: We wish to make it simple for the creative researcher. If you are looking for a few lessons focused on expressive lines for your first grader, just type in “line” into the search engine and you will be gifted with a selection of material that we have taught and have stamped as successful. Maybe you wish to introduce your students to a specific artist, just type in the name of the artist into the search at the top left of screen and you will find a lesson focused around that artist and the material they work with. PLEASE NOTE: You will not find cookie cutter lessons that are primarily focused around a product on this site. We believe that rich learning experiences are grounded in process. Knowledge is gained by setting up the causes for understanding a material, technique or idea that allow the student to make meaning on their own terms. Art making is a very personal experience.

Art Engine is moderated by an experienced professional Columbia University and Pratt Institute graduate. As a dedicated full-time art educator in a EC-12 private school, Mary Jo is passionate about teaching and strives to create a comfortable, creative environment where children feel confident and eager to explore various art mediums and techniques. Mary Jo has studied overseas at the world-renowned preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and experienced first-hand how language, environment and access to tools can empower children to become life-long learners.

To learn more about Mary Jo’s art teaching pedagogy, visit Sun Porch Studio. It’s a blog that offers insight into developing a creative workspace and promoting artistic exploration in your home or classroom. It’s a space that is bursting with color and inspiration.

Art Engine is interested in viewing and publishing your successful art activities in its archive. If you wish to contribute, send an email to the address below with the following information:

Your Name and a brief description of yourself as an artist/teacher

Grades or Age levels that you currently teach

A title and brief description of your featured art activity along with a Motivation, Lesson Development and all Art Medium(s) explored. Please not the age/grade of the students that took part in this art experience.

3-5 images total of the process and product of your activity. If your image is a process photo, you MUST crop your images so student faces are NOT included.

Why share your original and beloved art activities with us? Hey, if you’ve got something great going on, share it so others can offer the same magical art experiences with young inspired minds. Want more hits to your website? If you have a personal website or artistic space where you share your personal work, PLEASE send the link along with the info above in your email entry, as all activity posts are referenced and credit is given to each contributor.

Thank You for your interest in and support of Art Engine. Please send all of the above to sunporchartstudio@gmail.com and be sure to title the message as “Art Engine Contribution”.


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