MJ ProfileGreetings!  My name is MJ and making stuff is my game.

What happens when art making intersects with mindfulness?
We recognize our creative habits and those of others around us. We accept and allow them to simply be what they are.
And we investigate them with kindness.

Art Engine is an archive of creative experiences for children with a focus on how language and environment can either shut us down from taking risks or open our mind up to endless opportunity.
How we communicate with our students influences their ability to build self-efficacy and discover their potential. Any adult can read and teach a simple lesson. It is the words we choose and the tone we use to say them that can create a welcoming environment where everyones ideas are celebrated and answers are neither right nor wrong. At Art Engine, I un-pack what we do and why we do it to make us more mindful of our intentions and keep them at the forefront of our teaching practice.

I am so glad you are visiting Art Engine and I hope you find my posts useful in your making life. Be sure to check out my stickers and posters that celebrate risk-taking and learning through mess and mistakes.


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