Art/Science: Fossil Study

fossil study spreadIt is important for students to understand how artists and scientists share many work habits, one of which is utilizing the page as a “study” for multiple observational sketches.


While learning about fossil formation in Science, students study ammonites and trilobites in the art studio and record their lines, shapes and pattern using brown and black inks.

IMG_0252Using concentrated inks, students first notice the linear patterns and shape and create a contour drawing of their subjects. They create studies by working over and over again on the same page to truly understand the objects. Visit more about the benefits of observational drawings here.

Students mix different tones of their ink choice and incorporate them into their contour drawing to add value and make it stand out from their background.


Young artists need to know that a work of art need not be a single, majestic piece.  It is healthy, and imperative to our growth as artists, to loosen up and create multiple versions of something until we feel comfortable using our hands.

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