Mondrian Inspired Assemblage

Piet Mondrian was inspired by music. He loved Jazz, Boogie Woogie, and dancing, and was motivated to express his love through art with color and shape, movement and rhythm. Inspired by Broadway Boogie Woogie, this art experience offers students the opportunity to listen to the music that inspired Piet and, by tapping into a kinesthic awareness, create a work of art using color and shape with actual wooden shapes.

Motivation: Introduce Broadway Boogie Woogie and discuss the color, shapes and movement found in this work of art. After informing students of Piets love of New York City, Jazz and Boogie Woogie music, play this musical piece and have students make connections between the beat patterns in the music and the movement and patterns made my color and shape in his art.

Lesson Development: Students select various wooden shapes and assemble them in a design/pattern that expresses the movement and rhythm of the musical piece. Liquid watercolors are used to stain the shapes with a limited palette to set a tone or mood with color. Tacky or wood glue is used to affix the shapes and design to a plywood base that is stained as well. I had every student use black to create continuity between individual pieces.

Materials: wood shapes, liquid watercolor, tacky or wood glue. Reproduction of Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian.

Skill Level: First Grade and up

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