Clay Fairy Houses and Geometry

clay fairy houses at work

How do you transform something that is flat into something 3-D? A clay slab can help you make that magic happen. A little rolling, folding, pinching, smoothing and voila!

fairy houses made from cylinders and cones

Such a malleable material, clay offers children the opportunity to create any shape, form or figure that they dreamed about last night.

clay cube made from a rolled slab

When studying geometric forms in math, students can use a clay slab to create a geometric solid (in this case a geometric hallow, giggle giggle, nudge, nudge). By first cutting flat geometric shapes from a slab and then bringing the edges together to create a sculpture, students will see the transformative process of flat faces and edges joining together to form a three-dimensional form.

Skill Level: Fairy Houses are appropriate for Kindergarten and above. Geometric Solid clay vessels are appropriate for students in Third Grade and above.

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