Nurturing Creativity at Home

As an artist I get excited over colors and shapes and am inspired by many things that I encounter each day. I can easily say that I am an art teacher at heart because I yearn to share my excitement with others. I would rather use my energy dreaming up creative art experiences than make a personalContinue reading “Nurturing Creativity at Home”

The Language of Learning: Talking to Children about their Art

For young children, art making is their main means of expression. It is how they are able to share stories and it is how they reflect on their experiences to better understand their world. As a parent and teacher, it is often the adult’s responsibility to foster the child’s interest as an artist and help them toContinue reading “The Language of Learning: Talking to Children about their Art”

Expressing Emotions through Color and Line

Music can transform any ordinary experience into something profound. Humans are inherently musical beings. As one of the first art forms, it is written in our DNA. For this selection of art activities, I play a collection of songs that have a strong emotional quality and allow students to explore color and line to expressContinue reading “Expressing Emotions through Color and Line”

Materials Workshop: Painting with Children

This image displays all the necessary tools for a self-service painting session appropriate for children ages 5 and up. I will set up one muffin tin, sponge and water bucket for two students to share. You can of course use this set up with younger students, just know that the act of filling each circleContinue reading “Materials Workshop: Painting with Children”