So, what green do you mean?

Green is my favorite color. Mostly because, in my eyes, I believe it to be like no other hue on the spectrum. Green is never considered blue, nor yellow. But orange can labeled as tomato or even yellow-gold. And purple, well add a drop to many of blue and it becomes indigo. Now, Green, this shade has soContinue reading “So, what green do you mean?”

Color Wheels need not be a Circle!

Young artists were offered the challenge of designing and creating a color wheel that was anything but a wheel. View a few of the selected images below or click here to learn more about the process behind their unique creations. Before embarking on our primary, secondary and tertiary journey, we gathered together to arrange color swatches in the formation ofContinue reading “Color Wheels need not be a Circle!”

Hues, Tints and James Turrell

To jump start a painting unit, I had students explore hue and tints via concentric circle paintings. I wanted them to understand the difference between a hue and a tint, so we first mixed a hue using primary colors, then added the color to a pile of white a little at a time.   EachContinue reading “Hues, Tints and James Turrell”